A 6 Months Certificate Course In Coloring & Painting 

Duration : 06 Months

Semesters : 1


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Semester One

       This course is designed to teach anyone from beginner to moderate, the step by 

 step fundamentals of coloring & painting.

        The course touch various aspects of painting like water color, oil pain, Poster color, etc.


You will Learn

    • Watercolor painting - pigment, water, and a painting surface

    • Acrylic Painting - you will learn how to get started painting in acrylics 

    • Using pencil colors- This course will guide you through everything that 

      colored pencils are capable of. Step-by-step showing you easy ways to find colors, to layering, blending, and texturing

    • Oil Painting - painting in oil colors, consisting of pigments  suspended in 

      drying oils in which fusion of tones or color is achieved.