A 6 Months Certificate Course In Clay Modeling & Stop Motion 

Duration : 06 Months

Semesters : 1


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Semester One

 Learn to make a sculpture modeled. The course guides you step by step in the 

creation of structures, volumes and surface of the piece, to the final details.

Bring your ideas to life in clay by creating your own original sculptures. from the

 ground up, beginning with concept creation moving into armatures, building up 

clay, creating detail and texture, and finally, painting. 

Learn the technique of stop motion animation. give life to your creation and create
your stop motion movie.


You will Learn

          • To model the form from clay

          • Arranging setup for base

          • Modeling Humans, animals

          • Modeling assets

          • complete process of stop motion animation